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A Star Is Born

Michael started his singing career at the age of 6. His group was called the Jackson 5.

I may also use this page to talk about my personal feelings about this star's career. Do I think the star's early childhood history had an impact on the type of role this star took on later? Do I feel this star made some terrible career or life decisions?

Michael Joseph Jackson was born to Joseph and Katherine Jackson in Gary, Indiana on August 29, 1958. He was the seventh of nine children. Michael's siblings include Maureen "Rebbie" Jackson, Sigmund "Jackie" Jackson, Toriano "Tito", Jermaine , La Toya Jackson, Marlon,, Steven "Randy" Jackson, and Janet Jackson. No, I do not feel that he made a bad choice in his career because he really didnt make a choice.

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At a Glance

August 29, 1958- birthdate
Jackson 5 was his first group
Astrological Sign: Virgo